John H. Ostrander

When I moved to Boone, North Carolina one of the things that Amanda and I were interested in was hiking the many trails that are offered in this area.  I soon ran into a problem.  I could not find a good source that had all the trails listed.  I did find trail data but it was limited and hard to find.  After about a year of exploring trails and researching different parks and wilderness areas I felt that I had attained a good wealth of knowledge of the area.  So I decided with the help of my girlfriend to create a website that would help others in the Boone area to find information on local and regional trails.  I had purchased a GPS unit to help us with backpacking
 and found that it would be the perfect
 tool to map out every trail that we
had done. I then could transfer that
 data to Google Files so others could
upload them and have up to date
 information on the trails.  When I
was researching trail information I
was always hopeful that I would
come upon a site that had everything
 that I needed to Hike, Backpack,
and Camp the region around Boone.
  I hope that others can enjoy this
website that we have created for free
 for the use of the public.

Amanda R. Tsiukes

I am a true outdoor lover and a hippy at heart. This website was created for people who share that passion. JR and I wanted to create a place where people could have all the information they needed about trails in the area, conveniently in one place. My main involvement in the website is to photograph and track trail conditions. Included on each of the pages are pictures of the trail, interesting things you may see while hiking the trail, and final trail destination scenes. JR and I have dedicated a lot of time to making this website as user friendly as possible.


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