Julian Price Memorial State Park
Price Park is a great place right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You can hike a few different type of trails at this park along with other great activities.  You can camp at the Price Park Campground or request a permit to camp at the only back-country site, it is free to camp at the back-country site.  There is a place to rent canoes or kayaks at Price Lake and plenty of fishing opportunities at Price Lake, Sims Pond, or the South Fork River.  There is a picnic and recreation area before you reach the campground with plenty of picnic tables and fields to play in.  All in all this is a wonderful place to spend a nice summer afternoon at.

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  Picnic Area
  One Backpack Site

Directions from Boone:
Take US-321 S, take the Parkway south to milepost 396 - 399, you will find the different access points along these mile markers.

  Seasonal - When Parkway is closed the Park is closed
  Campground is open May - October

  No fees to use trails or picnic areas
  Campground - $19.00 per night

  No permits required for most activities
  Free Permit required for Back-Country Campsite

  3,000 feet - 3,925 feet

  Allowed, must be on leash.

Photos taken by:  Amanda Tsiukes
Page created by:  John Ostrander

Google Files
Boone Fork
Bloodroot (poisonous)
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