Black Mountain Crest Trail - 10.7 mi.
Devil's Den Loop Trail - 0.6 mi.
Green Knob Trail - 3.5 mi.
Mt. Mitchell Summit Trail - 5.1 mi.

Mt. Mitchell State Park is a 1,946 acre wilderness area located northeast of Asheville, North Carolina.  This was the first state park that was established in North Carolina and kicked off the state park system of North Carolina on March 3, 1915.  Mt. Mitchell, the crown jewel of the park, is the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River at an elevation of 6,684 ft.  Mt. Mitchell is part of the Black Mountain Range which gets its name from the way the mountains look do to the heavy Spruce and Fraser Fir tree presence.  These trees that start growing heavily above 5,000 feet give the mountains a very dark look from afar.  Though the mountain tops are not as nearly as dark as the once were many years ago do to the heavy amounts of acid rain the mountain range gets.  The acid rain as you can see in the above picture has killed many of the trees.

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Black Bear Activity
NC Parks Black Bear Advisory
Black bears have been active in and around the park, inflicting damage to vehicles and camping equipment. All of these incidents have resulted from the improper storage of food, toiletries, and trash.

NEVER feed bears. They can lose their fear of people and may have to be destroyed.

NEVER leave food unattended, even if in coolers. Secure ONLY in bear-proof container or car trunk with windows completely rolled up.

Campground Safety
You MUST secure all food, garbage, and any items that might smell like food to a bear (toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, cosmetics, pet food, cooking and cleaning supplies, stove fuel, etc.) in the bear-proof storage container available at each campground site.

Backcountry Camping and Hiking Safety
Foraging bears have been active and sometimes aggressive at the
Commissary Ridge area. Bear-resistant food canisters or storage
sacks are highly advised, otherwise food MUST be hung correctly at
least 150 feet away from tent. Food bags should hang 5- feet below the
branch, 5-feet from the tree trunk, and be at least 10-feet off the ground.
Bears can and will climb trees and can easily reach food bags
suspended at heights under 10 feet.

Failing to behave properly places you and your fellow visitors at risk for
property damage and severe personal injury.

Pictures taken by: Amanda Tsiukes
Page created by: John Ostrander

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Mount Mitchell State Park
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Directions from Boone, NC:
Take NC 105 S towards Linville, turn right onto US-221/NC 181, turn left onto US-221/NC 181, at fork stay right on US-221, turn right on NC 194, turn left onto US-19E, turn left onto NC 226, turn right onto Blue Ridge Parkway, slight right onto NC 128 office will be on left.

   Year Around, Facilities are open seasonal

  No Fees except for camping
  Camping Rates vary

   Required only to camp


   3,000 feet - 6,684 feet

   Allowed, must be on leash
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