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National Geographic Trails Illustrated
Map # 779

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      Information on all State Parks of North Carolina
      This site, owned by Bob Underwood, is intended to gather and share information on all aspects of Linville Gorge

      The United States Geological Survey

      Free Topo Maps
A great source for all sorts of information on outdoor activities in North Carolina
     The United States Forest Service Website

A database of guides and information on trails and other outdoor activities in the United States
A collection of over 40,000 trails in the United States.
      A primary source for NC weather and climate information
      Information on trails off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia.
      A good site with information on trails in Linville Gorge and other areas in North Carolina

Maps and Reading Information:

National Geographic Trails Illustrated Topo Map
      You can purchase this map online at the National Geographic website or at the Mass General Store in downtown Boone, NC.

Boone Region Outdoor Recreation Map and Guide
      A great map to have for local trails and full of interesting information. You can Purchase this at the Mass General Store in
downtown Boone, NC.