Linville Gorge Wilderness
Linville Gorge Trail
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Trail Description:  The Linville Gorge Trail runs for almost the entire extent of the Gorge. The trail can be very overgrown in some areas and may make for slow hiking. You can cross the river at two different locations. One is a bridge on the end of the Spence Trail and another is to forge the river at the southern end near Lake James. During other times of the year if the river is low and you are familiar with ther area you can cross the river to more locations.  This river has some amazing views and there are many campsites along the trail that make for a great backpacking experience.  You cas access this trail from all of the west side decent trails and the Spence Trail on the east side.  This trail like all others is not blazed and some of the decent trails can be hard to find when you are down in the gorge.  Pay attention to your surroundings because you can miss the trail you came in on.

Directions: From Boone; Take NC 105 south, turn left at NC 181/US-221, keep straight on NC 181 south, turn right onto NC 183, turn left onto Kistler Hwy (Old NC 105), park at Pine Gap Parking after 0.80 miles on left, take Pine Gap Trail to head of Linville River Trail.
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This trail is very long and has many connecting trails out of the gorge. The trail can be steep at points and very rocky at other times or both.  The trail also has nice open flat areas that sometimes have camping areas.
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Linville Gorge Trail
River Trail

One Way
11.1 mi.
1,563 ft.
-3,026 ft.
1,326 ft.
3,145 ft.
Streams and River
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Linville Gorge Topo Map

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